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Synthetic Clothes Smell

Why Do My Blended Shirts Stink?

There’s a lot of things to consider when ordering apparel or uniforms for your organization. Color, style, and fit are just a few, but have you ever considered how your apparel smells?? While we can’t order custom smells for our apparel (yet), several studies have proven what many of us already know… synthetic apparel smells …

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Car Wraps or Decals What’s the difference and how to choose

Communication works best when we are all speaking the same language. This is most apparent when the 2 people are speaking different languages all together, but what about when it’s the same language but wrong words? This happens on a fairly frequent basis. Specifically, I am speaking about Decals vs Wraps On Vehicles I’m sure, …

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

June is going by fast and Father’s Day is a week away already! The special, day of dad’s is just one day of 365 to let them know, how we feel about everything they do for us. and how much we appreciate them. I love working alongside Jason, watching him get creative with designs always …

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Who Goes There?! Safety First

The doorbell rang the other day and someone was doing door-to-door sales of vacuums (yes, they still do that!) The sales pitch repeated with monotony when I cracked the door open. But what struck me was the lack of identification of the company he was representing. With a rash or recent break-ins, I was weary …

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